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Word from the CEO...



It is my good fortune to be working with ACBM to facilitate the co-development to what I believe is an exercise in excellence. We will ensure a quality program for all students across the entire scope offered by ACBM, not only in its breadth but also depth. Equipping students to be work ready is ACBM’s reason for being. Industry consultation across the globe have indicated strongly the need to be able to source a “work readied’ labour force hence ACBM’s mission statement: “Studying together to be work ready”

Though not the largest organization ACBM is dedicated to you, the student: to instruct and to nurture along the way into whatever self-enterprise or employment you may seek entry. Starting with the inherent challenges of studies, the exactitudes of language acquisition and incorporating the practicalities of work life graduates will be “ready” as they ultimately embark on their chosen fields of endeavour.

ACBM strives to match and exceed external industry expectations by keeping in step with their codes of practice, seeking exemplars of good practice, and inculcating the underpinnings of theory in each of our student programs. This means ACBM’s programs are both satisfying and challenging. ACBM monitors the changing needs of industrial enterprise and the skills needed to coincide with such development here and in other economies within and beyond our immediate region. In doing so, ACBM ensures our graduates are truly work ready as they anticipate the move into the broader world at home or beyond our shores.

ACBM will remain relevant by being readied and anticipatory to the structures and skills needed to service our islands economy in areas of tourism, hospitality and business studies. So do come and consider together our mutually assured futures.

Sincerely yours.

Mr. Greg Hattingh