Certificate III in EAL (Further Study)

Certificate III in EAL (Further Study)
Starts from:Thu, June 30, 2022
Campus Location

Units of Study
  • VU21323 Develop and document a learning plan and portfolio
  • VU21499 Give straightforward oral presentations for further
  • VU21500 Participate in a range of straightforward interactions
  • VU21501 Read and write straightforward texts for research
  • VU21502 Analyse and produce straightforward texts relevant to
  • VU21503 Listen and take notes for research
  • VU21504 Use language learning strategies and study skills
  • VU21473 Investigate Australian art and culture
  • ICAICT103A Use, communicate and search securely on the internet
Class Description

The purpose of the EAL Frameworks Certificate III (Further Study) modules being offered by ACBM is to develop the abilities necessary for effective use of written and spoken English in a range of contexts including academic, social, and professional endeavours in Australia. Importantly, the four macro skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking are supported by the learner’s increasing ability to develop analytical skills to aid language learning.
1. Access to further study and training
2. Participation in the community
3. Independent self-expression and critical thinking
4. Participation in the workplace

Entry Requirements
Participants in the Certificate III in English as an Additional Language (Further Study) at ACBM need to be 18 years or over, and under 65 years. There are no limitations to entry based on gender, physical ability, social or educational background.

A proficiency in English equivalent to ISLPR 2, which is an approximate equivalent IELTS average 3.5/ 4.0/ 4.5, is required. All applicants are interviewed before placement in the program. A placement test is conducted as per policy of Hays to confirm the learner’s current English ability on commencement.

If you are applying for either full RPL or single unit RPL, please discuss this with the enrolment officer before completing the Training Registration Form so that the appropriate RPL procedure can be identified.